Start by sitting on a cushion or chair.

The longer I happen to sit, I realize the weight pulls me down, as much as I can feel myself pushing upward, maintaining my posture. Often, I close my eyes, though I can still see the tones left behind in the visual…

In Thomas Cromwell’s time, rhetoric felt itself to be a new tool that could be waged against those in power and those subservient to it. William Tyndale’s newest translation invited those who understood the vernacular to join in on interpretation, which I suppose is another word for rhetoric, since it…

“‘Maxi, it’s time. I reach this point with everybody. What you need to deal with now is The Wisdom.’
‘Great, I’m at the dentist here.’
Shawn darkens the blinds, puts on a tape of Moroccan trance music, lights a joss stick. ‘Are you ready?’
‘No. Shawn-’
‘Here it is-The Wisdom. Prepare to copy.’ She…

Colton Royle

Colton tries to picture a world in which nobody trusted their System 1 thinking. He is currently working on trying to be a better listener.

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