There are two definitions of “anon” which are useful to the conversation surrounding conspiracy theories.

The first is “anonymous” which is the magic and terror that abounds in the ability to post content without reciprocity or subjection to scrutiny.

The second is “anon” which is an Old English term that was originally defined as “in or into one state, or course”. Which means that to say “anon” would mean that it would happen “soon”.

Can we imagine a more interesting combination?

Behold, I am coming soon, bringing my recompense with me, to repay everyone for what he has done. …

Outriders, People Can Fly

I have been watching coverage of the new video game from People Can Fly, Outriders, since its release on April 1st. After yet another disastrous launch due to “always connected” server requirements, once people were able to sink dozens of hours into the game, it seemed like players could not articulate when it came to their response besides a feeling. “Outriders is a hard to define game,” reads the title of one such Gamespot video. While some may dismiss it, the game has all-time highs in player count that rival some fellow games in the genre like Borderlands 3. While…

The question a young woman asked Fran on episode 6 of Pretend It’s a City (streaming on Netflix) was whether toddlers with iPads will be damaged after having technology so young. Fran answered:

Yes, she will be different. That is true. But she may not be worse. She may be better. We don’t know this. It’s possible this will make them better. It’ll make them better at the world of iPads. Because, that will be the world.

Fran Lebowitz

On paper, (or in this case, a screen) the line does not sound as punchy, as revelatory, as distinct as it…

In state “fiscal forestry,” however, the actual tree with its vast number of possible uses was replaced by an abstract tree representing a
volume of lumber or firewood. If the princely conception of the forest was still utilitarian, it was surely a utilitarianism confined to the direct
needs of the state.

-James C. Scott, Seeing Like a State

Scott’s book is a critique of how governments and industries work together to itemize the world. Oftentimes, it produces terrible results. The reason is that a forest is much more than just lumber, and an organic ecosystem responds to more factors than…

The first mission in SWAT 4 seemed open and shut. A suspect by the name of Lawrence Fairfax has taken Melinda Kline captive, and the tension is high enough for the team to get called in.

Andrew Sullivan is a long-established writer who I respect for his blogging work in tandem with several large publications like The Atlantic and The New Republic.

But on March 5th, 2021, Sullivan published a piece on his blog The Weekly Dish titled “ Killing The SAT Means Hurting Minorities” in support of the college entrance exam. I disagreed with so many aspects of the piece that I could finally take it no longer. To me, the blog post represented quite a bit of people’s small imaginations they have for education at large. Standardized testing is a toxic addition to any…

It was befuddling taking in all the information of the Blizzard conference a couple weeks back. Diablo Immortal, Diablo 4 down the road, as well as a remake of Diablo 2 with a 3D uplift titled Resurrection; it all felt like too much of what used to be a “good” thing.

Like everyone else, I spent some of my adolescence defeating hellspawn over and over again, working towards weapons and armor that could outfit my character for the long term, which of course was never the case, because I never made it far enough to settle into the expansion content…

When we inhabit the natural world, what we see is not really the truth. For acquiring truth took tools far beyond our capabilities, most notably the microscope and telescope. The further in we looked, the stranger things got, until such words like “spin” and “charge” began to enter the vocabulary to describe what quarks and gluons were doing. We knew that intuition was great for fitness and for art. When these quarks and gluons combine, along with photons, it can produce the beautiful world ready-at-hand. But reality, as it was, without our intuitions, was something else entirely. The disparity these…

The swamp cried ominously 200 meters across a river on the opposite shoreline from ours. A green hue emanated from the fog from two emerald torches delineating an entrance to a crypt. We set out on a viking boat, a Karve, as “leeches” as big as humans swam silently underneath. Silhouettes of draugr dotted the landscape, and something far worse, an oozing mass, left a poisonous trail as it wafted through the muck. We had mere seconds to jump from the boat to the entrance of the crypt before we were overwhelmed. As my partner performed an expert fishhook turn…

It is now the era of the rogue-lite.

With the recent success of Supergiant Games’s Hades by nearly every game journal (and with the downfall of such giants in AAA games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, or Anthem, or Cyberpunk 2077) a clear message has taken center stage. Perhaps it had to do with the ballooning costs of game development. Perhaps it arose from an exhaustion with the open world design of the previous generation. Or maybe it had to do with storage space concerns of our solid state drives. Whatever it is, the rogue-like and rogue-lite are here to stay.

Colton Royle

Colton tries to picture a world in which nobody trusted their System 1 thinking. He is currently working on trying to be a better listener.

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